Monday, March 2, 2015

Little Things Monday: Treasuring the Mess

Sometimes, at the end of the day (or before nap), there's quite a wake left behind from my little family.

Lately, before picking it up, I sometimes snap a quick picture. These messes won't always be here and I want to remember this stage for all of its beauty, difficulty, really fun mess-making good times, and constant running around in circles taking care of all the little things.

I think I'll remember these things, but looking back, I know that my memory isn't very good. Someday I'm going to look at a stay-at-home mom of little ones and have no real idea what her day is like. Someday I will be far enough removed that I can't quite remember the feeling of being home all day and having an enormously productive day, yet feeling as if I've gotten very little done.

Maybe these pictures will help keep my memory fresh. Maybe they will help me to be more sympathetic, more prayerful for others, more ready to offer help in the ways that those mommies might crave help.

Maybe they'll just bring a smile to my face. That's enough, too.

This picture shows a day spent getting fun new books from the library and snuggle time while we read right through the stack, experiencing new stories together, especially about outer space! It reminds me of a Big Bro so patient and loving during Baby's shots that morning, so that we could all go out to the library after and enjoy that special time together. It reminds me of the full-volume rocking dance party Big Bro A and I had while Baby S was at his visit, and of the difficulty of keeping quiet for Baby to nap in a small space while allowing Big Bro to experience all the loudness and movement that a 3-year-old requires. The baby toys show me a baby growing bigger and more able to play and interact every day. The Bumbo shows me practice for sitting up and a Baby growing and developing. The lunch box reminds me of the extra hours spent in writing in the visit journal for Baby, packing his bottles and lunches and extra clothes and toys and diapers for visits, getting him up early from naps and settling him back in after he arrives home from a visit. Up toward the top I can see the awesome set of new-to-us raincoats that I found for the boys to wear this spring for a price that made me smile.

There are more memories and fun times hiding in each little mess. I'm thankful for this little thing - the joy of remembering the mess-making as I'm cleaning up all of the little adventures and games from a day of play.

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